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Time and Attendance Software to Manage Your Employee Time

TimeForce time and attendance software empowers you to proficiently and successfully manage your employee time information. All of our time clocks and other collection methods integrate with TimeForce. Employee information is there for you to immediately access, review, edit, respond to, report on, and use. It is a very powerful tool for managing the most important resource of any organization—people.

TimeForce time and attendance software runs on a PC within your local network, or as a hosted online application. It uses a browser-based interface that incorporates years of customer input. As a result, TimeForce is easy to use, access and control. Getting started is fast and efficient. Seeing and using employee data is intuitive and informative. Permission levels are at your discretion for administration, supervisors, managers and staff. Pay rules, exceptions, and differentials are up to you. Reporting is extensive and you can review the valuable information you need whenever and however you need it.

This comprehensive software offers an effective means to keeping track of employee time without having to approach it manually—a process that can often result in mistakes and lost money for a company.



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