Our Services




Software Design & Development

We design and develop general and customized computer software. We use the latest technology for application development and are equipped to produce applications for the Windows, IOS, Android and Linux platforms.

System Implementation

We at Digital Business Systems recognize that the installation of new systems can be time consuming and challenging. Our implementation team will work with you, and will plan, manage and perform your entire implementation project. You get a fully functional turn key system complete with post implementation support. We install and configure all hardware and software items that we supply. Your transition to the new system is seamless and painless.

Product & Customer Support

We fully support all hardware and software items that we supply. Support is provided on either an as-needed basis or under our annual support agreement. We have our own remote support software that was developed by us and our own support infrastructure to permit you to give us access to your system anytime you require assistance. This permits our support engineers to assist you at anytime and from anywhere. You can always count on us to be there when needed..

Enduser Training

To ensure that you are equipped with the skills to correctly operate our systems and derive the maximum benefit from the use of them, we provide in-depth on-site or online training for your users and administrators. Training is specific to your system and we use your actual data as it allows us to better simulate your working scenarios.


Data Migration

Migrating from an existing software system to any new system can be a laborious task. Our migration team can save you the headache of performing this process. Our team will examine your data, determine the most reliable method of converting that data to the new formats, perform the conversion and assist you with performing a data audit to verify the integrity of the data.

Remote Backups

DBSBackup is our managed remote backup service that allows you to achieve your objective of having offsite storage without the need to manage and  transport tapes. You have the ability to instantly access your backups to restore all or individual files and to quickly restore systems after a disaster.


Managed Payroll Services












DBSPay, our full-service payroll service bureau offers payroll processing services at extremely reasonable prices. By using DBSPay, you will be able to more efficiently utilize your employees and focus on growing your business. Our services can include most payroll related activities such as electronically filing your National Insurance, uploading employees annual tax information and downloading their A47009 tax slips. Employee payslips can be distributed electronically and you will be able to access copies of current and historic payroll reports through our client portal.
With DBSPay you can rest assured that your employees’ pay calculations will always be accurate and on time.